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How Discount Dental Plans Work

Are you wondering how a discount dental plan can provide significant savings at such a low cost of membership? It's really simple...

We contract with dentists to offer you fixed, pre-negotiated costs on a wide range of dental procedures and services. Our dentists discount their rates for dental plan members as an alternative to dental insurance. Join our affordable discount dental plans to start saving!

The following shows how easy it is to save at the dentist:


Choose Your Dental Plan

  • Each dental plan is slightly different. Some provide higher savings on dental work while others have more providers in their network.
  • Compare the discount dental plans to choose the one that is right for you.
  • All our plans include affordable dental options for individuals or entire families.


You Get Access to Network Dentists


Members and Dentists Benefit

  • You save on dental costs while improving your smile.
  • Dentists get new patients and improve their businesses.
  • Everyone wins!

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