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Affordable Dental for Individuals & Families

Looking for dental insurance? Our dental insurance plans are customized to provide affordable options to meet the needs of individuals and families. Our dental insurance plans are month-to-month and provide a variety of maximum benefit options.

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Dental Insurance plans for individuals and families

Dental Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Families

We understand that individuals and families are looking for dental insurance solutions to fit their specific needs. Our dental insurance plans include options for any budget and tailored coverage options offering dental care choices for individuals or families. With choices for higher maximum benefit amounts with more coverage if needed, options if your child needs braces, and immediate coverage on most services, we have a dental insurance plan for you. Discover more about our dental insurance plans below:

  • Affordable Dental Insurance: Our affordable dental insurance plans provide you savings on dental care while still providing the dental coverage you need. With a variety of plan choices, you can protect your teeth and wallet.
  • Family Dental Insurance: Oral health for children is very important and taking care of their teeth will help keep them smiling. Our plans offer coverage for your entire family, including orthodontics for children.
  • Individual Dental Insurance: Taking care of your teeth as an adult can be costly. We offer individual dental insurance plans that provide a variety of options to help you save money and get the coverage you need.
  • No Waiting Periods: Do you have a toothache or has it been a while since you had your teeth cleaned? Our dental insurance plans provide no waiting periods so you can get the dental care you need quickly.
  • Choice, It's Your Dentist: Do you love your current dentist or need to find a quality dentist? With options to choose from a large network of dentists or ANY dentists you like, you can choose the dentist you want.

Learn more about the importance of dental insurance coverage, and find a plan that's right for you.

What is different about our dental insurance plans?

Our dental insurance plans offer affordable options for dental coverage. The plans have low deductibles to satisfy and multiple options for the maximum amount they pay each year. Our dental insurance plans offer lifetime deductibles, there are no benefit waiting periods, three cleanings are covered per year, adult dental implants are covered, and you can select from various maximum benefit amounts.

Our dental insurance plans include options to see ANY DENTIST YOU LIKE or choose from more than 607,000 access points nationally. The dentists and dental providers in the network dental insurance plans have agreed to provide discounts to our plan members for the same quality treatments and procedures that they provide to non-members. When you visit the dentist, you pay the discounted price and save!

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Ameritas, the bison design and "fulfilling life" are service marks or registered service marks of Ameritas Life, affiliate Ameritas Holding Company or Ameritas Mutual Holding Company.

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